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Research and Advocacy Programme to Promote Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development             CRD Research and Advocacy Programme is premised on the need to promote management of natural resources that leads to sustainable socio-economic development. The research component is intended to establish the natural resource endowment and to identify best practices in the use of these resources. The advocacy component is intended to disseminate the research findings, appraising policy makers and informing the public about the resource endowment. The advocacy component is also meant to educate the public at large on sustainable development concepts and also advising on best natural resource use and management practices. read more

Promoting natural resource management through partnerships with educational institutions
CRD is engaging academic institutions for partnerships in research whose outcome is critical in disseminating information on the impacts of resource exploitation in the communities. The research findings will also influence policy to ensure the incorporation of sustainable development concepts in the curricular at all levels. This partnership with institutions of higher learning will ensure quality of research projects and provide platforms for sustainable development .read more.


Economic governance for sustainable management of natural resources
In order to reduce the economic benefits gap between the rich and poor in natural resource management CRD is lobbying government to implement sound macro economic policies that promote the sovereign rights of communities to resources and also increasing   public-private partnerships in the exploitation of natural resources.CRD is also advocating for an increased role of civil society to monitor public policy management in order to monitor corruption and abuse of power by the more..

Civic Education to Promote Human Rights Democracy, and Positive Peace.
The Centre for Research and Development?s (CRD) Civic Education Programme (CEP) covers the Province of Manicaland in Zimbabwe.CRD embarked on this programme in 2005 and carried out several workshops in the following districts of Mutasa South, Mutasa Central, Mutare central, Mutare South and Makoni west. In 2009 CRD expanded this outreach programme to include Nyanga and Chimanimani districts.The program mainly targets rural communities with the objective of helping to reduce political violence and build sustainable peace in these communities. The programme?s target groups are Traditional Leadership Institutions, Community leaders, Church leaders, Councillors, Political parties, Government representatives, women, youth and other Non Governmental Organizations or developmental partners working in these more


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