Citizen  Engagement in Natural Resource Govenance

            Mining and Natural Resource Govenance


Reforming mining laws

The mining sector in Zimbabwe is bedeviled by an archaic policy regime that is extractive and unsustainable. CRD believes that reforming mining laws will strengthen public accountability and reduce illicit financial outflows in the sector. CRD mobilises communities in resource rich communities through policy education and awareness raising to document adverse impacts of policy weaknesses in mining and engage policy-makers to influence policy reforms and best practices. CRD believes that reforming the Mines and Minerals Act, Gold Trade Act and Precious Stones Act will improve public accountability on beneficial shareholding, taxation, mining contracting and local enterprise development.

Increased public accountability in mining is essential to combat mineral leakages and environmental degradation that is threatening community livelihoods and health. CRD activities also include engaging policy makers through position papers, policy briefs and policy dialogues to call for domestication of mining best practices such as Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and the African Mining Vision. CRD is also actively participating in local, regional and global movements that are calling for business to adopt best practices in mining such as the Publish What You Pay campaign.

Policy Education & Awareness

Stakeholder Dialogues

Policy Dialogues

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