Gender Dynamics in
Resource Management
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Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management Issues

Reef gold mining in Nyamukwara area that is serious environmental degradation and water pollution in the Pungwe basin.
Panners dangerously mining reef gold in Nyamukwara area. The activity is extensively damaging the environment and polluting the rivers. The disused mine shafts are a threat to humans and animals in the area. Forestry plantations are being affected by the mining activities in that area.
Mining holes left by the gold panners in Nyamukwarara area.

Nyamukwarara River before the panning area. The water at the above point is very clean.

Panners are at work, they are busy processing gold. The method being used was heavily causing water pollution in Nyamukwarara River.

Punger Bridge along Chimoio-Tete Road

Pungwe River heavily polluted by panning activities taking place in Nyamukwarara River. The mercury which is used in processing gold has an effect to aquatic life and the people who consume fish in the affected rivers. It is making cost of processing water for Beira and other small towns very expensive. The polluted water makes pumps of farmers who draw water from the affected rivers fail because the fine soil particles suspended in the water. The activites are also contributing to siltation of Pungwe River.









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