Research and Advocacy Programme to Promote Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development Activities

Empowering communities in resource management for sustainable livelihoods
The Centre for Research and Development works with community based organisations to empower communities to derive sustainable benefits from the exploitation of their natural more

Community Mobilisation for resource benefits
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012 recommended the mainstreaming of sustainable development in all facets of life as a mechanism to eradicate poverty through enhancing the natural resource base, increasing eco efficiency and promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns. read more

Economic governance for sustainable management of natural resources
The Centre for Research and Development is advocating for policy reforms in the management of natural resources in order to overcome the ‘resource curse tag’ associated with the exploitation of mineral resources like diamonds and platinum. read more

Promoting natural resource management through partnerships with educational institutions
Integration of educational and natural resources management in Africa has not achieved the desired results because people are busy concentrating on issues of survival. Other than delivering on academic concepts education has fallen short of capacitating students on the value of resources found in their communities and innovations that can be used to manage those resources for sustainable utilization. read more


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